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Who We Are

Our HIS-story

Hearing Impaired Solutions, Inc. was born in 2013 when Michele Adams, AuD, along with her husband Brian and colleague Lee, discovered hearing loop systems were successful where installation was paired with promotion and education by an audiologist. After witnessing successful systems in Michigan, Wisconsin, and the coastal states, they recognized that they were the perfect team to bring this innovative Loop approach to the Midwest. With Michele's experience as an Audiologist paired with Brian and Lee's installation and maintenance skills, the establishment of Hearing Impaired Solutions was the perfect marriage of their unique skill sets.


Brian's Bio

Brian Adams has an Associates Degree in micro-precision technology. He has over 25 years of building/industrial maintenance experience with project coordination, during which time he designed award-winning modifications to improve equipment efficiency. Brian is a member of the Leadership Council at New Beginnings Christian Fellowship in Gibson City, IL.
"Installing hearing loops is not just a business for me, it's a ministry for the hard of hearing. I feel everyone should have access to hear God's Word in their home church, which is the most important place to hear. I am humbled and blessed to see and hear reactions of congregants who have been attending for years, but not able to understand the pastor's message until the hearing loop was installed. I love that this system is also appropriate for other venues with the same outcome."

Lee's Bio

Most of Lee’s adult life has revolved around building maintenance, construction and customer service while working for a global food production company. He owned and operated a small construction company and even spent a stint as a state licensed home inspector. His "off time" is spent serving his local church, as an Associate Pastor. As a hearing aid wearer, Lee is fully aware of the difficulties that come with the loss of hearing and the deficiencies of using a hearing aid alone.

"Partnering with Brian and Michele has given me the opportunity to use all of my past experiences to provide the hearing impaired a viable solution to one of their most pressing needs; to be able to hear in a congregational or conference room setting".

Michele's Bio

Dr. Michele Adams received a doctor of audiology degree (Au.D.) from University of Florida. She has over 20 years of experience working primarily with ENT physicians and dispensing hearing aids. She works with Hearing Impaired Solutions, Inc. as a hearing loop advocate. She will assist with questions and perform in-services regarding the specifics of hearing aids and how they work with the hearing loops. She also encourages other hearing aid dispensers and audiologists to order products with telecoils to ensure access to hearing loops.

"Once I learned of the successful use of hearing loops in other areas, I knew it was a perfect way for my family to work together to serve the hard of hearing."


(217) 781-1527




PO Box 423 Gibson City, Il 60936

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