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What We Do


Each space presents it's own unique design challenges. Hearing Impaired Solutions offers customized planning and engineering services specific to your venue. Whether you are building brand new, in the middle of a renovation or wanting to just add the Hearing Loop system to your existing space, we can fit your needs.   We also have direct manufacturing access which allows us to obtain custom equipment built specifically for your needs.


Installation is where the "rubber meets the road". Hearing Impaired Solutions' commitment to our clients is to provide professional standards that not only meets building code requirements but exceed your expectations as well.  When we are done with your Hearing Loop System installation your venue will look the same way it did when we started.  Our installation process doesn't stop until the sound is perfect for those with hearing loss.


Equipment installed by Hearing Impaired Solutions is American designed, American made and backed by a LIFETIME warranty on both equipment and installation. The loop itself should remain "MAINTENANCE FREE" for it's usable life.  However, alterations to the input signal or if a component becomes damaged. it will effect the loops performance. If that should happen, simply contact us.  We offer inspection, monitoring and repair services.


(217) 781-1527




PO Box 423 Gibson City, Il 60936

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